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"MBL has really worked hard on increasing my visibility and providing leads for my business. They are very easy to work with, very professional, and have the communication open 24/7. That is what I like!"
Jennifer Baxavanis
B2B Sales Coach
"I've been working with MBL now for 3 months and their process is rock solid. I have found them to be very helpful, professional, and supportive. Even in this time of Covid-19, MBL has helped me move my business forward!"
Michael Hagley
Team Development Coach
"I was very impressed with their professionalism and approach/strategy to LinkedIn Outreach. I felt comfortable and confident that I was being correctly represented and that the team were creating as many opportunities for me as possible. The tracking system they have created is fantastic and the message support had an awesome turn-around. I would strongly suggest giving MoreBizLeads team to anyone looking for lead generation."
Andrew Pearce
Executive Performance Coach
"One thing I really love about MBL is their ability to quickly adapt and change strategy to ensure you succeed. Their team is always available to talk and it's easy to trust them. Having MBL is the same as having a partner who is ready to make you succeed at any cost."​
Lola Oyafemi
Sales Strategist
MBL team has been instrumental, in fact, essential to my marketing growth. They are no doubt the LinkedIn experts they claim to be and with the depth of knowledge able to help convert interested prospects into happy clients willing to learn my leadership communications training program. A unique and important trait of this team is that they are available to help whatever time of day and for whatever reason. They are total pros who truly care about their clients. I appreciate them and their expertise immensely.
Joe Yazbeck
Leadership & Public Speaking Trainer
Team MBL is awesome. I was less than a newbie to LinkedIn but with working on a B2B startup I need to understand it thoroughly and I needed a plan. I had no idea where to start. Luckily I found MBL and my wish came true. They not only answered all my many and often dumb questions but they laid out a step-by-step plan on how to improve myself on the platform. It was very detailed yet easy for this newbie to understand. I can't thank them enough They are great, approachable, and solid professionals. Kudos!
Jeffrey "JR" Rose
Founder, Transcendence Angel Network
I have spent a substantial amount of time and money looking for the right people to up my business marketing. And then luckily came MBL. Their level of professionalism and expertise were clearly flawless from the initial proposal to the follow ups and daily updates. They have brilliantly put my business to the next level in such a short period of time which is remarkable. They have got one of the best marketing brains i have seen. Thanks!
Victor Fernandez
CEO, Victor Funding
Working with MoreBizLeads have been a great pleasure of mine. They have been fabulous mentors, guiding and teaching me the best practices of Marketing and principles of life. After every phone conversation we have had, I've always learnt something new from the team, and they have absolutely been an inspirational source of mine. I look forward to the future of our relationship, as I mature as an Entrepreneur. Keep up the good work!!
Andrew Fai
Founder, YOG1

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