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5 C’s For Great Talent

5 C’s For Great Talent

TALENT might seem a simple word to everyone out there but this word has abroad meaning and a lot of aspects which needs to be put in consideration while talking about talent. A layman would think talent as an aptitude or a skill, a person might possess but there’s more to it. Talent itself comprises of certain terms which makes a person TALENTED.

To give the word ‘Talent’ a meaning, Tanmay Vora introduces us to its ‘5C’s of Great Talent’ which actually gives us the true picture of aspects of being skillful. These C’s consist of Competence, Character, Collaboration, Communication and Commitment. Yes, all of these are surely the true essence of being talented and capable of doing something and these are not specific to a certain job or task. All these elements are important in every step of our lives and every achievement requires these aspects for a person to have. As Tanmay has drafted a wonderful sketch note regarding the 5C’s and that clearly defines the importance of them in accordance with talent. Just like a hand requires all its fingers to be intact and working in order to make the job of the entire hand successful, a person needs to have all the C’s in his life to be talented and skillful.


Taking the first aspect and that is competence which is one of the most important one. Competence is basically the ability or capability to do something efficiently or in a systematic way. Systemic way is a productive way in which the outcome is good, both in quality and quantity.

Right intuition and analysis plays a major part being competent whereas wrong analysis and intuition can lead to incompetency and zero or no productivity. So in simple words competency is basically the requirements for a human to have in order to sustain in organizations and communities.


The second element is character and this is a salient feature of a talented person. Having a good character is important because good character gives assurance of integrity, honesty, rectitude and many more things which are important in daily life dealings. A virtuous or righteous person can easily be trusted because he/ she are unbribable and incorruptible. Tanmay focuses on the character or attitude of the person in accordance with talent. He tells that it is as important as other factors.


Collaboration is a world we all have heard many times when it comes to business ventures or any dealing between two people, this word pops up. With the help of collaboration, two or more entities achieve a goal or mission. Collaboration in other words can be defined as cooperation. Two entities or more cooperate with each other, cover up each other’s flaws and complete a task. They jot down their strengths and overcome their weakness collectively. This is what a talented person needs to have in order to be successful and acknowledged. Tanmay mentioned that American Management Association released result of their Critical skill survey in which ‘Collaboration’ was defined as one of the key skills for future success.


Communication is very crucial because it can either make things right or destroy them completely. Conveying or passing on basically makes things pretty much easy and convenient as in a firm, the jobs can be delegated easily to people by having healthy and constant communication with them and being in contact with them in all sorts of issues which could hinder the success of the firm. So a talented and successful person needs to have great communication skills.


Last thing is commitment which can be interpreted in both ways such as dedication or responsibility towards a task or job. It is a quality that is an important ingredient for a person to have in them. This is the willingness to achieve aim or goal. The commitments with others should also be kept in a way that others can trust you and come back to you second time with the same or increased level of belief and faith.

Tanmay has also emphasized on other aspects such as critical thinking and creativity. These two things are also eminent in a talented person. But the 5C’s mentioned by Tanmay are the most crucial factors which completes the circle of talent.

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