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Bastions of Exceptional Leadership

Bastions of Exceptional Leadership

Leadership is an art and not everyone can excel in it. A person might be a born leader but he/she still needs to polish the skills in them. The general qualities of a leader have been quoted by many writers and are in many books. But when it comes to business, there are a lot of other aspects of leadership too. The bastions or strengths of a leader when it comes to business include three major things. These three aspects are creation of an expectation, delivery of the expectation and building of an emotional connection with customers.

Expectations of the Customers

The first aspect is to create an expectation for the customers. To attract customers it is important to set an expectation for everyone related to the business. Meeting of expectation is the next step and to reach there, you need to create an expectation. The employees also need something motivating to work effectively, so if they’ve an expectation preset by the leader, they will work with more enthusiasm and zeal. The employees and the customers both need to know that where the company or firm is going and what is the future of the company and its stakeholders. As a phenomenal leader you need to get the expectation high but also realistic which are achievable in the given time. The expectation needs to be different from that of others and needs to be unique so that everyone is tempted by them. If a person in an organization is successful in achieving all these things stated above then he/she is undoubtedly a very strong and remarkable leader. 

Delivery of the Expectations

The second characteristic of an outstanding leader is the delivery of the expectation. The delivery should be up to the mark and as promised. A leader needs to be a man of his words because word of the leader is really essential for its stakeholders. If the delivery is not as promised or told by the leaders then the customers would be reluctant to come back to the same organization and the employees would be demoralized too. They would look for better jobs where the leader is a more confident and trustworthy person because if the leader can’t deliver what is expected of him then the security of their jobs is also in jeopardy. If the expectations are met then you’ll have happy customers and happy employees which will make your future more stable and successful.

Emotional Connection

So the top most feature of the hierarchy is the relation a leader builds with the customers which urges them to come back to the same organization and repeat the experience they had earlier. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but this is actually a hierarchy, without achieving the first step, you won’t be able to achieve the second. Having an emotional connection with your customers is very important and helpful for a leader. When the leader knows that the customers are revisiting because of the wonderful experience they’ve had earlier, the leader becomes more confident and works even hard to make himself and the a firm bigger and better. This not only helps in the growth of leader but also in the growth of the organization. Happy and satisfied customers spread good word about the company which attracts more customers and even new employees.


These are basically the three main pillars or bastions of leadership when it comes to business and its dealings. All of these needs to integrate in order have an overall efficiency and outcome. This hierarchy is very simple yet achieving it is difficult and complex. This shows that who is the actual leader with all the ingredients of leadership in business and who is not. Thus this hierarchy should be taken into consideration by different leaders in order to be successful and stable.

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